Tea Towel #44, #45

  • Tea Towel #44, #45
  • Tea Towel #44, #45
  • Tea Towel #44, #45
  • Tea Towel #44, #45

Embroidery tea towel made in Honduras.
Muslin Cotton
about 16 x 17 inch

#44 pink/green
#45 purple/green

$18 each

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If you would like to see more photos of my visit to this village, please check my instagram @_momoca_ or www.momoca.com
I painted a large mural with Youth Art Collective in the village and sewing and paper flower workshop for women.

`-`-`-` the story of these Tea Towels and Amulets -`-`-`
I had an amazing opportunity to visit one of the major coffee farming communities in Honduras for 4 weeks in February - March, 2020

I took 3 large suitcases full of art and sewing supplies to share the technique of sewing and paper flower making to the women and painting supplies to the children.

This coffee community village is high up in the mountain where there are very limited in gathering any kinds of materials. This community rely their income on coffee farming and majority of the people have challenging situations to send children to schools.

I went to this community not only to see and learn how they live but also to be a part of helping the community to sustain their additional income by making some products to sell.

This is one of the products we made and ready to share with you.
The Amulets are filled with organic lavenders and each of them are carefully embroidered.

This one is made by Juana who came to see me 3-4 times each weeks to sew and make paper flowers, she was more dedicated to learn than anybody else and sewed each one very carefully and beautifully.
She has been busy making lots of mask for the people in her community these days.

Thank you for your love and support for this community in advance.
Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras


  • #44 pink/green
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  • #45 purple/green
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